Soul in the Woods
Winter 2021/22

“Soul in the Woods” was the name of the first Maloja collection. For us, it‘s always stood for what we love so much: having an outdoorsy, nature-exploring attitude to life. Spending good times together. And, last but not least, going our own way – always and forever.

But “Soul in the Woods” wasn‘t just the theme of our first collection. This phrase has been with us for over 15 years. It‘s become Maloja‘s slogan and the guiding principle behind everything we do. It‘s a constant reminder of where we came from, how we started, what‘s important, and what we stand for. And that we always want to maintain one thing in amongst all our professionalism and progress: the “soul”.

The idea of naming this collection “Soul in the Woods” a second time has a totally different origin, however. The phrase doesn‘t just stand for everything we‘ve just mentioned. Going deeper, it also speaks about the “soul” of the forests and the wisdom of the trees: they prefer cooperation and friendship over competition. They know that all of them can only live happy, healthy lives when they adapt to the circumstances and support each other. In their finely interconnected social system, it‘s not quick solutions that count, but long-term ones that benefit everyone. Trees care about the common good and ensure their offspring are also cared for. There‘s no need for hierarchies here. A forest is a place of opportunity. A world where every single individual‘s potential contributes to the good of them all. A society that thrives on cooperation, creativity and diversity. Trees deal with almost every challenge you can think of – together.

We think the theme of “together” is more topical than ever. And the trees‘ message can be applied to almost any area of life. The forest is a perfect example of how wonderful life can be when brotherhood, solidarity, diversity and compassion triumph over everything else. Because “together” is always better. Whether on the mountain, in our families, in our work...

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the book of the “soul” of the forests: solidarity, standing up for each another, growing together.

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