A Deep Connection

Mountain People
Summer 2023

People, sports, nature – deeply connected

Mountain People is our collection theme for 2023 and at the same time what defines us deep inside.
We’re passionate about mountains, sports and nature. We value great and honest relations with people, and we love what we do at Maloja every day.

People, sports, nature – the powerful and magical connection between these three dimensions is at the heart of Maloja. In 2023, we’re putting this connection front and centre.

The feeling of being connected is based on trust and respect. It comes from the sense that the other person is serious about us and our views. This is the principle we follow at Maloja, and it’s how we’ve met countless companions who share this philosophy. The Mountain People. People with whom we are deeply connected in completely different ways and who inspire us.
On that note, live, love, laugh, be kind to one another and let us enjoy this life together.

They help us keep writing our own Mountain People story at Maloja and refresh it with new perspectives.
This way, the Mountain People collection combines our most important values with the general philosophy of Maloja.

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