every day together for a good morrow


There are moments of arrival, rest and awe-inspiring enjoyment. We’ve paid tribute to these in many of our annual themes. However, just like for many people and businesses, there’s change in the air. Over 30 Maloja children have come into the world since the company was founded in 2004. What contribution can and must we make so that these children and future generations still have a planet worth living on?

Climate and societal change are a mandate for everyone to strive harder – including ourselves. A Puzzle collection using leftover materials. The “Second Love” initiative for used clothing which brings new happiness to others. A repair service for damaged clothing, as well as our own commuter line which promotes coming to work by bike. The increased use of natural, undyed and recycled fibres. And whenever styles allow a multi-sport use, we make it known to gradually reduce our collection. Even in terms of design, we’ve been inspired by upcycling aesthetics to create something beautiful and new out of things carelessly thrown away.

The more serious the issue, the more important it is for us to be guided by attentive and activating confidence. In German, the same word is used for daybreak and the next day: Morgen. In English, we turned it into “Good Morrow”. It stands for the confidence to face the challenges of tomorrow already today. Never before have we understood an annual theme so unmistakeably as an appeal to ourselves. Never before have we invested more passion to implement this theme as consistently as possible across our collection, because today’s new clothing will be what we’ll throw away or even recycle in years to come.

Our new collection is an invitation to see yourself and ourselves as part of a movement to do some good for this planet.

Small steps. Every day. Together. For a good morrow!

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