Glide & Ride

There are days in early spring when the mornings are still quite cold and the snow crackles under your cross country skis. Later in the day the air warms up. And while riding a lap on your mountain bike in the afternoon on the beautiful, dry southern trail, you can hardly believe it was still so cold in the morning during those first cross-country runs. The fact you were even in the snow at all that morning seems incredibly far away.

Our founder Peter talked about one of these perfect days with Maloja designer Franzi during lunch, following a sunny spring weekend. While chatting, it turned out that they both spent the entire day in the same outfit, meaning they didn’t change their clothes between cross-country skiing in the morning and cycling in the afternoon.

The idea of developing a product line that functions perfectly for both sports was born: Glide & Ride.

The vision behind Glide & Ride products is that they are purchased in autumn and used at crisper temperatures for cycling, worn throughout winter for cross-country skiing and worn on the bike again in spring. It goes without saying that they can even be worn on those heavenly days when both, gliding and riding, is possible in one single day, and after the weekend you look back on that gift of a day with a smile.

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