WINTER 2022/23

When light and rock meet in the early morning or evening, they put on an impressive and colourful outdoor performance: Alpenglow. The Ladiner in South Tyrol use a very melodic-sounding term to refer to the Alpenglow. They call it Enrosadira. And with the light show being so intense in this region, with its tall rock faces made of bright stone, is it any wonder?

It wasn’t just the beauty of this spectacle that inspired us to create the Enrosadira collection. It was the feeling inside that goes with it. Enrosadira leaves its observers calm and composed. Confidence radiates – a powerful feeling.

The Dolomites, with their giant mountains like the Piz Boé, Saslonch and Sella Group, are naturally the perfect stage for the Enrosadira. It doesn’t always have to be big names and adventures, though. A tour of the local mountain in the soft evening light, a bike lap along the fields while the sun moves below the horizon, the chalets where the last rays of light shine through the clouds after a rainy day – these moments can be just as magical and give us confidence.

At Maloja, we believe that people find the confidence to take on the challenges of our time in nature.

We’re confident that these times of change we find ourselves in will give rise to many new things, because even that is Enrosadira: the transition between light and shadow. We just need to accept both the light and the dark. That’s why confidence is often more helpful than pure optimism. If you’re optimistic, you assume that external circumstances will always turn out for the best. If you’re confident, you develop inner freedom, regardless of what’s going on around you. For us, Enrosadira is a confident vision of the future, with all its shades and shadows.

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