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Adventures big and small, countless stories with lots of details, and paths less travelled have characterised Maloja over the last 18 years. We want to capture these moments. They make us happy and proud, and sometimes also humble and reflective, but forever grateful.

So when the opportunity came around to create a book about Maloja, we knew this was our chance to dive much deeper into these stories, details, and paths.

For us, this book project was an extremely exciting journey – it wasn’t us who wrote the book, but novelist Alexander Provelegios. We enthusiastically talked and shared ideas for almost three years, and he formed many new perspectives on our business.

Lots of events in the first few years still shape us today.

The alleged shortcomings of the founding era, the spirit of being able to achieve something special against all odds, the small, delicate moments that give Maloja something akin to a soul – we’ve tried to describe all this as vividly as possible.

With plenty of heart and soul, an inspiring company biography has been created that follows its own path in every possible way.

Going our own way – Maloja: A story of inspired performance, careful growth and sustainable success.

Author Alexander Provelegios presents Maloja and, together with founders Klaus Haas and Peter Räuber, delves deep into the world of a company with its own paths, values, and growth principles. The close cooperation between the author and Maloja gives the book extra substance. As well as numerous conversations with the two managing directors, the brand’s employees and companions have their say and share their perspectives.

Readers can expect 17 short stories that answer the following questions, among others:

  • How does an owner-managed company use its strategic advantages over listed companies?
  • Why is Europe becoming an increasingly attractive production location for high-quality textiles?
  • What distinguishes sustainability from greenwashing, and why is it worth valuing suppliers and retailers as partners as well?
  • How do you counter the chaos in Korea, or insolvent shipping companies with their container ships drifting aimlessly on the world’s oceans?
  • How important are communal lunches or outreach work on mountain farms for team spirit and remaining down to earth?

Going our own way

Maloja: A story of inspired performance, careful growth and sustainable success

312 pages
English translation November 2022
Original German edition first published 2021


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