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Undyed Heavy Jersey

Oversized t-shirt in undyed heavy jersey made from organic cotton

This new tee made from heavy organic cotton comes in an oversized fit with dropped shoulders and a slightly higher rib on the round neckline. The motifs of the three adorable embroideries on the chest - a smiley face, trees and mountains - are based on children's drawings, which were designed at our children's workshop on the collection theme Good Morrow. The production of our UNDYED products is particularly environmentally friendly. We do not bleach or dye the fabrics at all - two steps in the textile finishing process that require a particularly high amount of water and chemicals. As a result, the characteristic cotton hulls remain in the yarn and, together with the natural color tone, ensure that each product is unique, because: nature sets the tone not only when it comes to the feel.


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Undyed Heavy Jersey
Our UNDYED Heavy Jersey is manufactured in a particularly environmentally friendly way. We completely avoid bleaching and dying the fabrics – two work steps requiring very high quantities of water and the use of chemicals when finishing textiles. This way, the characteristic cotton seed hulls remain in the yarn and, together with their natural colour, make every product unique: because nature doesn’t set the tone just for comfort.

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